Engage and communicate as simply as possible.

Engage and communicate as simply as possible.

For growing organizations striving for alignment, ilumis is the learning management system that connects your team to your message. Plans options start at $49/month for up to 500 students.


Built to help organizations manage and communicate content, ilumis is the most affordable and user-friendly platform on the web.



Simplified Learning Management

Easily upload and store all of your organization's curriculum in a clean, user-friendly interface. Group your courses together to organize a curriculum for your audience to take in sequence.


Affordable Custom Content Platform 

Create one central place where your group can store and interact with you and each other through videos, instructor materials and student notes. After a 30-day trial, ilumis is just $49 per month.


An Engaged Audience

Give your students everything they need to be equipped for your mission. Create an interactive library of content and get your audience involved with your curriculum.



The Next-Best Thing to Live Learning

Whether you use ilumis as the main way to deliver your content or you're giving people a way to experience it again, you can train your whole group, just like if they were in the room.

Build Your Remote Following

Change and update your content at any time. There's no special software to download, and your organization can use ilumis on any desktop computer with an internet connection. 


"The best way to deliver content."

– Corey Latta, Downline Ministries

Train your organization online with ilumis - the curriculum-based learning management platform built for growing organizations. Schedule a demo and we'll show you how ilumis will help you accomplish your mission.