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Our Mission

Nonprofits face a unique set of challenges when training new staff. In most cases, the skills required for each NPO are specific to the organization, restricting the availability of viable learning resources. Furthermore, employees and volunteers often live in different states and sometimes even different countries. The great distance between team members impedes the communication of necessary information for all parties involved. Ilumis LMS seeks to provide a robust solution for these non-trivial issues. By enabling nonprofits to fully customize their learning materials and supplying an online platform through which they can teach their staff, we wish to aid those who work to make the world a better place.

ilumis Learning changed the way my nonprofit trains new staff. Because of their unique software, we’ve been able to expand our reach at a rapid pace while keeping all of our employees on the same page.
— Colin Neller, Clear Function

What WE Provide

ilumis Learning includes the following features:

  • Students can either sign up on their own or be invited
  • Teachers can provide notes for each lesson, or students can simply type their own
  • Those notes can then be emailed and downloaded at the student's convenience
  • Tracks that allow you to group together classes that have a similar theme or message
  • A custom subdomain on the ilumis system
  • Vimeo video uploads for lessons
  •  A dashboard overview for teachers and admins to oversee the instructional process

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